Tuning & Caring Info

Cutting your Stinger

TTR Series Shafts – For use on 10/11 Meters, you can use any 102” whip cut down to approx. 66” as a starting point. Depending on Vehicle / Mount, you may find the length is closer to 60”-62”. Cut or grind stinger in ¼” increments until you find the sweet-spot. You can dial it in for a specific frequency or set for CH20 / 27.205 to cover entire band. For use on 10Meters, a slightly shorter stinger will be required. **For high power use (over 5kW) – it is recommended that you use a HUSTLER brand SS Whip or a quality non-tapered SS Whip. Cheaper whips have been known to blow chunks of steel out of the whip (cheaply made and use low grade steel). For most people using up to a 16pill – the cheaper whips work fine. Non Tapered Whips are preferred but tapered will work fine. These shafts can be used on other bands as well such as 15M and 6M just by replacing stinger with either longer or shorter lengths. 

Suggested Mounting

Some of our antennas are on the heavier side, so it is recommended that your mounting system be stout. A good puck mount with backing plate should do the job just fine. If a puck mount is not an option, a QUAD mag mount will hold it, but may not survive a whack from low-lying tree branch. When using mag mounts, it is recommended that a 1” braided ground strap be used to connect the ground side of the mag mount to sheet metal of the roof or trunk lid (or wherever you are mounting this). Do not use the vehicle frame for grounding antennas – use the steel body panels on the vehicle (better counterpoise and tuning). Mounting to toolboxes or back-racks is not recommended, but if you have to, ground/bond the box or rack to the cab of the truck (beds should be bonded to cab as well for best results

Bounce Back / Parasitic Reflector Setup

When running 2 antennas in a bounce-back/parasitic reflector configuration, puck spacing is recommended at 86” spacing center-to-center (Suburban’s/Excursion’s/Van’s, etc.). A good starting point for puck mounting is approx. 13-14” from the rear hatch/door. Measure 5 times, drill/cut once! 😉   The rear puck will be grounded out to the roof using braided grounding strap from puck center to one of the bolts to your puck. Your coax/feed line will be connected to the front puck. With the rear antenna removed, set the tuning on your front (hot) antenna. When completed move to the rear puck. Install the 2nd antenna to the front (hot) position with the stinger approximately 2-3” shorter (starting point) and tune as necessary. In this configuration, your signal will be more directional and will have additional forward gain – more or less, a mobile beam.

Caring & Cleaning

Nothing is maintenance free! It is recommended that you use a dab of dielectric grease on the stinger set screw and a small smear along the lower part of the stinger where it enters the ferrule. Once tuned, apply a small dab of silicone or RTV around the base of the stinger/whip where it meets the ferrule to keep rainwater out. Aluminum & Stainless with fuse together over time if not properly cared for periodically. To keep aluminum shiny – any good metal or mag polish like Mother’s or Meguiar’s will work nicely. If aluminum ever becomes dull or chalky, rub with a fine grit steel wool until bright and then polish.