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*** Before sending a message or calling *** – please read these most common topics and answers below before asking.  We are doing everything we can to get this site back up and running again within a timely fashion. We will be making a FAQ page to help answer all the common questions. You can always reach out to us on Facebook too. Keep in mind this is a hobby for us, not a business so we have no quotas to meet, and we build whatever we can in spare time.

1.  WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO – “How many watts does it handle?” 90% of the time, the answer is the same “way more than you have”.

2.  COPPER ANTENNASWe will not be building these again (Stripper Pole)- there’s only 1 in existence and it lives in Texas.

3. PRICESWhen we are ready to open the flood gates, everything will be posted on this website with a live shopping cart. ALL sales will be processed through this website, unless you are local and want to do the cash & carry method.

4. SHIPPINGwe have no idea what it costs to ship to you and really don’t have the time to look it up. If you want a guestimate – please look it up from USPS – Pkg size is 15″x10″x10″, weight is 10 lbs, and ships from 08723- Brick, NJ – this should give you a ball park.   Automatic shipping calculations will be made via the shopping cart.

5. STINGERSStingers are no longer included. It was a hassle to ship them out last go around. New 102″ whips will be available and sold separately for you to cut yourself and will be drop-shipped directly from our distributor.

6. MOUNTSIt is highly recommended you use a puck mount with a backing plate. Our bigger antennas are quite heavy and a truck-stop mount are not going to cut it.

7. CUSTOM BUILDSWe are not taking in any custom work at this time.