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Full Version: What's up!
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What's up Noizy! Glad to see you getting back into the game. Can't wait been wanting a new antenna for awhile. Still running the OG I got years ago.
Whats up brutha?? Ya know- I still have your decals here that were supposed to go to manchester 2-3 years ago with the original note attached lmao. Hope you and the family are doing well!
Getting things cleaned up here and gonna get some supplies. Gonna be a slow start since boat season is around the corner and the bills come first if ya know what i mean lol.
No worries on the decals. Yeah I know what ya mean about the bills. They NEVER stop! We are doing good. Work is killing me and the wife is in college at the moment taking a full load there and working full-time too. She just got her FFL and is planning on opening her own gun shop soon.